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Move over Google and Facebook, Amazon advertising has arrived – and with the World’s largest retailer promising exclusive audiences we take a look at why you should be using Amazon DSP for your next campaign.

Key Points You Need to Know About Amazon Ads

  • Amazon offer ads just like Google and Facebook including sponsored products, sponsored brands, stores, display ads, and video ads.
  • Ads are cost per click, you set the budget and choose how much to bid on search terms.
  • Your ads only reach real people logged into an Amazon account, and Amazon won’t charge you for invalid impressions.
  • You don’t need to sell your products on Amazon to use the platform.

What is Amazon DSP?

 Unhappy with the digital ad platforms available to it, Amazon, decided to build its own – and now they are letting other businesses take advantage of it, just like the company did with its fulfilment and cloud services.

In the U.S., Amazon is now the third largest digital ad platform behind Google and Facebook, while locally, the company, is poised for rapid growth.

What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon ads are a lot like those on Facebook and Google, and they appear on a number of different sites like, IMDb, and Goodreads. You can also purchase ads which are featured on Amazon devices and platforms including Kindle, Fire Tv, and Prime Video.

But Amazon ads aren’t restricted to the company’s sites, Amazon ads can also be run on third party sites, like SMH or

Should I Advertise on Amazon?

If you’re selling products on Amazon then the answer is an overwhelming yes!

Advertising on Amazon can increase sales and boost your organic ranking. If your product sells better, its sales history improves, and that bumps your product higher in Amazon’s search results.

And you don’t have to invest a lot, Amazon makes it easy to start small and scale up. If you’re selling pet supplies you might start by advertising dog collars, once you gauge the performance you could add dog leads and so on.

What if I don’t Sell a Product on Amazon?

 There are still plenty of reasons to use Amazon – like most video and banner ads, Amazon, allow you to set your ads landing page to your own website or any other web page on the internet.

And Amazon have plenty of places you can put ads including:, Goodreads, IMDb, Fire TV, Kindle and more.

Types of Amazon Ads

 Amazon are regularly rolling out new ways to reach customers, but two of the most successful products they offer are sponsored product ads and sponsored brand ads.

Sponsored Product Ads

  • These appear where customers will see them, for examples the first page of search results and product pages.
  • Sponsored products help grow sales by reaching customers who are searching for products like yours.
  • Cost: Amazon ads are cost per click, you control how much you spend by setting a budget and choosing how much you bid per click.

Sponsored Brand Ads

  • Grow your brand by appearing in relevant search results. Sponsored brands reach customers when they’re looking for what to buy.
  • When Amazon shoppers click on your brand logo, they’re taken to your store page. When they click on a product, they’re taken to the product page.
  • Cost: just like product ads, brand ads, are cost per click.

Start Advertising on Amazon Today

 To find out how you can grow your brand on Amazon get in touch with ClickedOn, we have extensive experience building online campaigns and using Amazon’s DSP platform for advertisers.