Discover how our Analytics and Insights services unlock the power of data to drive your business forward. Transform your decision making process.

Our Comprehensive service offerings


$3.5k per month & minimum 1- month engagement


Establish solid foundation for data-driven decision-making. We’ll help you set up essential analytics tools and provide insights into your website or app’s performance.

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$8k per month & minimum 3-months engagement


OR including



$11k per month & minimum 6-months engagement

Optimize for higher conversions and revenue. We’ll dive deep into customer behaviour and sales data to provide actionable insights. This packaged can also include CRM & digital automation services.

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Tailored package


Harness full potential of the data. This comprehensive package goes beyond standard analytics, providing you with the tools and insights to make strategic decisions that drive growth and innovation.

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Basic Analytics

Services include:

  1. Google Analytics Setup: Install and configure Google Analytics to track key metrics such as traffic, user behaviour, and conversions (maximum 2 conversions setup for you)​
  2. Monthly Reporting: Generate a comprehensive report using our reporting platform, highlighting digital marketing performance and costs. No customisation.

Why Choose this Package?

  1. Quick Implementation: Get up and running with essential analytics tools without extensive setup time.
  2. Affordability: An ideal choice for businesses looking to start their data journey without breaking the bank.
  3. Foundational Insights: Lay the groundwork for more advanced analytics and insights strategies in the future.
  4. Expert Support: Benefit from our expertise in setting up analytics systems and interpreting the data.
Perfect for customers who wanted to get started as soon as possible!​

Each of these services can be further customized based on the specific needs and goals of clients. Mix and match services to create tailored packages that align with the unique requirements of each business.