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Are keen to know what your digital opportunities are

Want to take your Adwords account to a next level

Need a more complex and versatile paid search strategy

Think you can find more customers online

Question the efficiency and effectiveness of your current online efforts

Need to build a campaign in several languages

Creative Solutions

We deliver creative solutions to your biggest challenges. We’re hard wired to find the best strategy for you and your business.


We immerse ourselves in your business because we know an integrated approach – that combines business intelligence with digital expertise – gets the best results.


We’re transparent and we’re trustworthy. We share knowledge and we make it easy to understand the data. So you have the confidence to be involved as much (or little) as you want.

Premier Google & Bing Partner

So you can be confident that we’re on top of the latest developments and we have the ongoing support of Google and Bing.

What we’ve done to get there

We have advanced Adwords & Bing knowledge

We meet the exclusive spend requirements across our campaigns

We have demonstrated performance by delivering client and company growth

Chris Minehan


Chris brings 15+ years of digital experience focused on the fin-tech and retail markets. Chris employs data driven marketing strategies and specialises in customer acquisition including SEO, PPC, programmatic display and digital marketing strategy.

Mathilde Hoek

Account Manager

Mathilde has 8 years experience in digital marketing, account management, SEO and content strategy. Mathilde combines her strong organisational abilities with her communication and SEO content background, helping clients to create engaging and high performing digital content.

Luana Faria

Digital Media Specialist

Luana has over four years experience in digital design, web development and building advertising campaigns. She combines her technical knowledge with her design skills to create engaging and converting posts, ads and websites.
Priyam Lalwani | ClickedOn

Priyam Lalwani

Digital Marketer

Priyam has over 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEM, Retargeting, and programmatic display. He combines his technical knowledge along with strong interpersonal and communication skills to create engaging content. He aspires to become the top of 1% digital marketers in the country.
Barry Ethiraj | ClickedOn

Barry Ethiraj

Digital Marketer

Barry completed his Bachelors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. With over 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing, specialising content, search engine and social media marketing strategies, Barry uses his data-driven approach to create engaging and result-oriented campaigns.

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