What Is The Social Opportunity?

Statistics tell us you can’t miss out on social media. Being present is one thing, advertising is a whole different ball game. It’s grabbing the opportunity of the advanced targeting and retargeting options social media offers. Facebook allows you to target potential customers by location, interest, previous purchases, education level and so on. Or we upload your email database and hit them on Facebook. Instagram offers a different spectrum of opportunities.

Advertising on social media is fun and requires creativity. It also requires a solid strategy. With so many targeting options – There’s no need to waste money and effort. You can reduce your risk, by making the right choices, investing your money wisely and monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis.

What Is SEO As A Strategy?

Ranking on relevant keywords is something you should aim for. Having your website optimised for search engines is a long-term, but a very rewarding investment. Once you start ranking, you get free traffic. Key in SEO are 1. Stability and 2. Growth.

Start with 1. Stability: realize a healthy website. What is a ‘healthy website’? No technical errors, optimized copy, relevant content, metatags in place etc. With a healthy website, you’re ready for 2. Growth! Think; of link building, social activity, partnerships, building SEO pages, and content marketing… the opportunities are endless.

SEO gurus (that keep us up to date) mainly divide on-page and off-page SEO that help improve the search engine ranking of the page. Simply said: On-page SEO includes the technical side of things. It’s more about having a stable, healthy website. Off-Page SEO includes all the activities that help Google believe your website is perceived well in the world. Google doesn’t just trust you, it needs reassurance from other websites.

How Does Content Marketing Help?

Content is a primary means of engaging and educating your customers while showing them (and Google’s search algorithm) that you’re an authority in your field.

A regularly updated and moderated content stream proves that your website is well maintained, full of high-quality information and worthy of ranking highly in online searches.

Sharing regular content adds value in a number of ways, all the while priming your website to knock SEO goals out of the park.

Premium content can be entertaining and keep readers returning to your site and social pages. 

It can help solve common queries, and offer unique perspectives while remaining ‘on brand’ and establishing your company’s voice and tone.

Better content draws eyeballs. It builds audiences while affirming what matters about your brand.