From marketing expert to marketing pro in just a couple of days

When you market your products or services across different channels, it can be challenging to manage all of these efficiently and effectively. Looking at the right metrics and understand what the data is telling you, makes your job a lot easier.  And more fun.

Google Ads & Data Analytics

Data Analytics Training 

This obviously fits in nicely with the Ads training. But can be given separately as well. In this (one day) training we will deep dive into i.a. Google Analytics, conversion goals, important metrics and reporting.

We’ll discuss the campaigns you are currently running or have recently ended and help you understand what the data is telling you and how to apply these insights onto your next campaign

Google Ads Training 

Get a full understanding of what Google Ads entails and how it can benefit your business. Learn how to set up campaigns, write engaging ad copy, do research and optimise campaigns.

See how programmatic display, re-targeting, shopping or video can work for you.

Vodafone really appreciated our training a lot. Just saying.

Course costs

Every training is tailored to your needs & objectives and we’ll agree on the agenda beforehand. Costs are between $800 and $1200 per person per day (minimum of 2 employees). Pricing depends on the amount of training days and attendants.

Training options:

  • Google Ads -> 2 or 3 days
  • Google Ads & Data Analytics -> 2 or 3 days
  • Data analytics -> 1 day
* All courses only include attendees from your organisation.
Digital Marketing Training

Chris and the team have done a great job in training for us in Digital Marketing. A great learning experience. The whole aspect/topics are relevant and the team delivers well in their training with engaging presentations and opportunity for practical sessions. The team surely goes an extra mile; visitation to Google and Vodafone Sydney were awesome in terms of showcasing the application of training with relative market/business which we are working to apply to our market. We definitely recommend ClickedOn to businesses looking to learn and or train personnel's for quality digital marketing services.

Haaziq BukshSpecialist Digital Services at Vodafone

Meet some of our team

We’ve been able to deliver success to our clients because of our great and caring team. Here are some of the people who could be helping grow your business.

Chris Minehan | ClickedOn

Chris Minehan


Chris brings 15+ years of digital experience focused on the fin-tech and retail markets. Chris employs data driven marketing strategies and specialises in customer acquisition including SEO, PPC, programmatic display and digital marketing strategy.

Tamara Meindertsma

Digital Strategist

With experience at some of Australia's leading online businesses, Tamara brings detailed knowledge of digital marketing, incl. programmatic display, retargeting, SEM, SEO, customer segmentation and analytics. She focuses on driving digital growth in a strategic and efficient way.

Mathilde Hoek

Account Manager

Mathilde has 8 years experience in digital marketing, account management, SEO and content strategy. Mathilde combines her strong organisational abilities with her communication and SEO content background, helping clients to create engaging and high performing digital content.

Luana Faria

Digital Media Specialist

Luana has over four years experience in digital design, web development and building advertising campaigns. She combines her technical knowledge with her design skills to create engaging and converting posts, ads and websites.
Priyam Lalwani | ClickedOn

Priyam Lalwani

Digital Marketer

Priyam has over 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEM, Retargeting, and programmatic display. He combines his technical knowledge along with strong interpersonal and communication skills to create engaging content. He aspires to become the top of 1% digital marketers in the country.
Barry Ethiraj | ClickedOn

Barry Ethiraj

Digital Marketer

Barry completed his Bachelors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. With over 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing, specialising content, search engine and social media marketing strategies, Barry uses his data-driven approach to create engaging and result-oriented campaigns.


Employee Experience Manager

The youngest member of the team, Alfie, has 5 months experience in making the team smile. Between taking naps and chewing on shoe laces, Alfie's skills as an Employee Experience Manager keeps the ClickedOn office a vibrant and fun place.

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