What Is Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is exceptional as an advertising source. From brand awareness to conversions, Google’s display network has an unmatched range ready to be utilised.

Google Display Network consists of over 2 million websites and has a massive reach of 90% of the existing internet users. The display network excels when getting brands noticed and driving sales.

The best part of Google Display Network is the ability to create, maintain and change ads under the Google Ads platform. The data and insights are endless allowing us to optimise the ads for optimal results.

Is GDN Right For Your Business?

Google Display Network is, generally speaking, ideal for both B2B and B2C businesses to build brand awareness across the entire internet. With precise placement options down to the app or website, display ads allow brands to focus on increasing brand awareness for their ideal audience. We can help tailor the solution (the ad shown) audiences and goals if needed to improve the quality and effectiveness of the ad.

The GDN Opportunity

There are some Google display statistics that tell us you can’t miss out on advertising on it. With nearly 2 million websites and 650,000 apps available to advertise on, Google display is an exceptional platform to advertise on for any business. GDN always targets the right people at the right time enabling further gains than it already provides.

How We Work

Here at Clicked On, we start, regardless of whether you’ve been running Google display campaigns before, with thorough research. We need to and want to understand your business, analyse your competitors, investigate your target market etc. Based on all this information, we build an acquisition model specifically for your business. Setting this up and ‘going live’ is only the beginning.

Once the ads are running we can deep dive into our audiences behaviour. How many people click on the ad? Which ad performs best? Which placements perform best? What targeting is working? Based on these valuable insights we optimize your campaigns, to ensure we’re generating as many high quality leads for the lowest price per click.

Exceeded Sales Target by 140% – Vodafone Fiji

increased leads

400% Increase In Leads – GetCapital

550,000 Impressions in 1 Week – Cartoon Network

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185% More PPC Traffic – Mozo

What is your online potential?