What Is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing is not new and marketers have been using it for a long time. At the cusp of it, Remarketing is targeting users that have already visited your website. It’s a subtle reminder and a second chance for customers to make a purchase. In Google Ads, Remarketing audiences are those customers that almost converted, the audience familiar with the brand or product and are ripe to become a lead, conversion or a sale. If you want to increase conversions, remarketing can be a step in the right direction.

With Remarketing, the focus is on a particular audience that is ready to convert, rather than a disinterested user that can only reduce the chance for converting and increase the bounce rate.

Is Remarketing Right For Your Business?

Google Remarketing is, generally speaking, ideal for any business that wants to increase any type of conversions. With precise targeting remarketing allow brands to channel their efforts on users that are familiar with the brand and are  on the verge of converting. We can help tailor the solution (the ad shown) to the audiences and goals if needed to improve the quality and effectiveness of the ad.

The Remarketing Opportunity

From a typical buyer pschology, people don’t buy a product straight away. They will consider, evaluate, compare and then convert. This is where remarketing ads come in and they simply target users that are already familiar with the brand. With display remarketing, businesses can take advantage of advertising to familiar audiences as well as over 2 million websites and 650,000 apps under Google’s display network.

How We Work

Here at Clicked On, we start, regardless of whether you’ve been running Google remarketing campaigns before, with thorough research. We need to and want to understand your business, analyse your competitors, investigate your target market etc. Based on all this information, we build an acquisition model specifically for your business. Setting this up and ‘going live’ is only the beginning.

Once the ads are running we can deep dive into our audiences behaviour. How many people click on the ad? Which ad performs best? Which placements perform best? What targeting is working? Based on these valuable insights we optimize your campaigns, to ensure we’re generating as many high quality leads for the lowest price per click.

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What is your online potential?