What Is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping as a marketing tool is perfect for e-commerce businesses wanting to increase their sales and revenue. Google Shopping, similar to Google search but instead of having only text, the entire product along with additional information is displayed. Google even showcases products similar to the search query to increase the potential reach and sales. Google Shopping generally offers higher-quality traffic as businesses can offer more information directly in the ads to help shoppers make informed decisions. Google Shopping can be the core of advertising, especially for retailers that can utilise the high CTR and low cost per lead to produce great profits.

Is Google Shopping Right For Your Business?

Google Shopping is, generally speaking, ideal for e-commerce businesses or retailers looking to sell online. With precise structure and bidding based on product groups, Google Shopping ads allow brands to focus their bids on products groups. Businesses are provided with a significant opportunity to bid higher on the flagship products to increase profits. We can help tailor the solution (the products shown) to separate audiences and goals if needed to improve the quality and effectiveness of the ad.

The Google Shopping Opportunity

Google Shopping provides users with a very similar experience as shopping in a mall. It is the closest you can get to physically shopping at a store but, online.  There are some Google Shopping statistics that tell us you can’t miss out on advertising on it. With nearly 30% improved conversions than text ads, Google Shopping can be a gold mine of opportunity for eCommerce vendors and retailers. There is no better platform to advertise on for businesses with a massive portfolio of products. Customers can gather all the information at a glance before making a well-informed purchase decision. The quality of clicks is generally better as visitors through Google Shopping generally have a clear buying intent thereby increasing the possibility of making a purchase.

Advertising on Google Shopping requires an effective structure and strategy along with the ability to interpret data. However, it is very different from other Google ads tools and requires a solid product-based strategy.  There’s no need to waste money and effort by trying other platforms first. You can reduce your risk, by making the right choices, investing your money wisely and monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis.

How We Work

Here at Clicked On, we start, regardless of whether you’ve been running Google Shopping campaigns before, with thorough research. We need to and want to understand your business, analyse your competitors, investigate your target market etc. Based on all this information, we build an acquisition model specifically for your business. Setting this up and ‘going live’ is only the beginning.

Once the ads are running we can deep dive into our audiences behaviour. How many people click on the ad? Which products perform best? And how do they behave on your website? Do they convert? Based on these valuable insights we optimize your campaigns, to ensure we’re generating as many high quality leads for the lowest price per click.

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