What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn as a marketing platform is perfect for businesses wanting to target the c-suite professionals or to generate high-quality leads on a platform made for a business-oriented audience. LinkedIn members contain top-level executives that influence consideration and make decisions all the way to entry-level professionals. The buying power is almost twice as much on LinkedIn compared to an average audience on any other social media platform, making it ideal for B2B marketers. LinkedIn started to become a lot more comprehensive with it’s targeting over the years like Facebook making it an exceptional platform for businesses intending to target other businesses.

Is LinkedIn Right For Your Business?

LinkedIn is, generally speaking, ideal for B2B marketers/businesses. With precise targeting down to the job role or company name, LinkedIn ads allow brands to focus on the right audience. That said, there are plenty of B2C companies that are finding tremendous success on LinkedIn advertising by catering their ads to niche target audiences. We can help tailor the solution (the ad shown) to separate audiences and goals if needed to improve the quality and effectiveness of the ad.

LinkedIn Opportunity

There are some LinkedIn statistics that tell us you can’t miss out on advertising on it. With nearly 700 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is the second most used B2B social media platform while still being the best lead generation social media platform with the highest conversion rates. Unfortunately, only 10% of marketers are investing in LinkedIn. This alone creates a massive opportunity for B2B businesses to venture their efforts with LinkedIn.

Being present is one thing, advertising is a whole different ball game. It’s grabbing the opportunity of the advanced targeting and retargeting options LinkedIn offers. LinkedIn allows you to target potential customers by job role, seniority level, industry, education level, company name and so on.

Advertising on LinkedIn requires creativity, logic along with the ability to interpret data. However, it is very different from other social media platforms and requires a solid strategy. With so many targeting options – There’s no need to waste money and effort. You can reduce your risk, by making the right choices, invest your money wisely and monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis.

How We Work

Here at Clicked On, we start, regardless of whether you’ve been running LinkedIn campaigns before, with thorough research. We need to and want to understand your business, analyse your competitors, investigate your target market etc. Based on all this information, we build an acquisition model specifically for your business. Setting this up and ‘going live’ is only the beginning.

Once the ads are running we can deep dive into our audiences behaviour. How many people click on the ad? Which ad performs best? And how do they behave on your website? Do they convert? Based on these valuable insights we optimize your campaigns, to ensure we’re generating as many high quality leads for the lowest price per click.

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