SEO As A Strategy

Ranking on relevant keywords is something you should aim for. Having your website optimised for search engines is a long term, but very rewarding investment. Once you start ranking, you get’ free’ traffic. Key in SEO are 1. Stability and 2. Growth. Start with 1. Stability: realize a healthy website. What is a ‘healthy website’? No technical errors, optimized copy, relevant content, metatags in place etc. With a healthy website, you’re ready for 2. Growth! Think; link building, social activity, partnerships, building SEO pages, content marketing… the opportunities are endless.

SEO gurus (that keep us up to date) mainly divide on-page and off-page SEO that help improve the search engine ranking of the page. Simply said: On-page SEO includes the technical side of things. It’s more about having a stable, healthy website. Off-Page SEO includes all the activities that help Google believe your website is perceived well in the world. Google doesn’t just trust you, it needs reassurance from other websites.

Is SEO Right For Your Business?

SEO is, generally speaking, one of the most effective ways to increase the cost per acquisition as ranking higher is generally regarded as ‘free’ traffic. SEO as a strategy is for any business willing to invest in long-term gains that will sustain for a longer period. We can tailor our SEO solution to your business and it’s goals by improving the on-page SEO over time.

The SEO Opportunity

Apart from the general SEO on-page best practices (content, page speed, etc.), there is a wider range of strategic actions available to improve the performance within a specific location. Addressing the query of the user in the content is an effective technique to improve the SEO ranking of the page on Google. You can reduce your risk and long-term expense by investing in SEO and ensuring the website’s ranking continues growing over time.

How We Work

We have (/pay for) access to advanced and innovative online software that help us define issues and opportunities for your website and relevant keywords. Based on these reports and our own experience and knowledge we put together a long term step by step plan.

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