Social Statistcs

Social is big. We summarized some key numbers that will help you get an idea:

  • Facebook reached 2,37 billion active users. 1.56 billion users login every day.
  • Out of the approx. 25 million Australians, 17.1 million use Facebook.
  • Instagram comes second in popularity with 8 million active Australian users.
  • Followed by LinkedIn (9 million) and Twitter (4 million) users in Australia.

When we check it? Preferably after work in the evening, first thing in the morning or at lunchtime. All day round basically… It comes to an average of 1,5 hrs a day on social media.

And did you know that 52% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on Social Media? Lots of Australian small and larger businesses have already picked up on this and created presences on the major platforms.

Social Opportunity

These statistics tell us you can’t miss out on social media. Being present is one thing, advertising is a whole different ball game. It’s grabbing the opportunity of the advanced targeting and retargeting options social media offer. Facebook allows you to target potential customers by location, interest, previous purchases, eductaion level and so on. Or we upload your email database and hit them on facebook. Instagram offers a different spectrum of opportunities.

Advertising on social media is fun and requires creativity. It also requires a solid strategy. With so many targeting options – There’s no need to waste money and effort. You can reduce your risk, by making the right choices, invest your money wisely and monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis.

How We Work

As with every other marketing campaign we start, firtst we need to understand your business, your competitors, your target market. To spend your money wisely, we need to know the value of a client, lead or sale to your business.

From there, we build a strategy for your business and deliver Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn ads to potential customers. We test different creatives and targeting options, allowing us to optimise campaigns to get to the most efficient and effective set-up for your business.

What is your online potential?