Sep 14, 2022

Ranking on relevant keywords is something you should aim for. Having your website optimised for search engines is a long-term, but a very rewarding investment. Once you start ranking, you get free traffic. Key in SEO are 1. Stability and 2. Growth.
Start with
1. Stability: realize a healthy website. What is a ‘healthy website’? No technical errors, optimized copy, relevant content, metatags in place etc. With a healthy website, you’re ready for 2. Growth! Think; of link building, social activity, partnerships, building SEO pages, and content marketing… the opportunities are endless.
SEO gurus (that keep us up to date) mainly divide on-page and off-page SEO that help improve the search engine ranking of the page.
Simply said: On-page SEO includes the technical side of things. It’s more about having a stable, healthy website. Off-Page SEO includes all the activities that help Google believe your website is perceived well in the world.
Google doesn’t just trust you, it needs reassurance from other websites.