A Snack Sized Lesson In Ad Extensions

Apr 4, 2018

Ad extensions are a format that show extra info, ‘extending’ your text ad. They are a surprisingly simple way to potentially increase your AdWords ad’s clickability.

They work by allowing you to include extra ways for customers to interact, by adding information such as a call or directions button, or a link to a particular section of your website.

Do they show every time my ad shows?

No. AdWords decides whether to show the extension by calculating how it will improve your ad’s performance. Your ad rank must be high enough for it to appear, so you might consider your ad’s quality or your maximum bid to increase your chances.

And how much do they cost?

Ad Extensions cost nothing up front, but they may raise your cost-per-click. If they are shown and a customer clicks your ad or an extension, you’ll be charged. The amount you pay per click will be (as usual) the most you need to pay to hold your position.

Automatic vs Manual

Automatic extensions are included when AdWords calculates your ad performance will be improved by their inclusion. They provide info on number of visits, and customer ratings. You can turn them off if you wish.

Manual extensions include options for people to call you, find directions to you, visit your website or download your app. You must add them yourself, but you can’t choose when AdWords will show them.

Top Tip: Use Ad extension statistics to monitor how often your extensions appear, how many clicks your ad gets when they do, the cost-per-click and other handy stats.

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