Going Global On A Shoe String Using WorldFirst’s World Account

Sep 11, 2020

From humble beginnings by Manly Beach, digital marketing agency, ClickedOn, has used its World Account to expand across Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

From a corner office nestled next to Sydney’s iconic Manly beach, digital strategist, Chris Minehan, and his staff are taking their business global with the help of a WorldFirst World Account.

It’s hard not to be envious of Minehan and the staff at ClickedOn: flexible hours, beach side strolls, the obligatory after work surf – the office even has its own ‘employee experience manager’ a cheeky little cavoodle named Alfie.

Workplace perks aside, ClickedOn, is proof you can grow your business internationally from anywhere using WorldFirst’s World Account.

With clients in Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji, and the UK, ClickedOn, has been able to use their World Account to compete against much larger firms while saving on currency transfer fees.

“The savings you get using WorldFirst for currency transfers are great”, says Minehan, “but they’re almost secondary to the credibility the business gets from having a local bank account in a foreign market.”

ClickedOn started using the World Account after opening an office in Germany, the decision to use the account came after struggling to accept payments from their German clients.

“It was difficult for the clients and us,” says Minehan. “Before the World Account both ClickedOn and our clients were spending a lot of a time just trying to get invoices paid.”

With a World Account, ClickedOn’s clients are now able to pay invoices into a local bank account using their own currency.

“If we didn’t have a World Account we definitely wouldn’t have won some clients who were umming and ahing about using a foreign digital marketing agency,” says Minehan.

ClickedOn now generates over 40 per cent of its revenue from foreign clients and the business is getting daily enquiries from overseas.

“The World Account has helped make us a global company and reduced the barriers you typically hit when operating in a foreign market.”

WorldFirst’s World Account is a multi-currency account for businesses and online sellers. The account allows your business to collect, convert, and make international payments.

The World Account is free to open, has no monthly account fees, and no annual transfer limits. The World Account is the perfect solution for any business that needs to accept payments in foreign currencies.

To find out how to open a WorldFirst World Account just follow this link.

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