The ClickedOn team

We’re a small, high performing team with lots of energy.

Our office is a ‘happy place’ and delivering best in class marketing campaigns, is what we do with pleasure and perseverance.
We offer no lock-in contracts and our clients stay with us, for an average of over 4 years.
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Chris Minehan


Chris brings 20+ years of digital experience focused on the fin-tech and retail markets. Chris employs data driven marketing strategies and specialises in customer acquisition including SEO, PPC, programmatic display and digital marketing strategy.

Mathilde Hoek

Account Manager

Mathilde has 10+ years experience in digital marketing, account management, SEO and content strategy. Mathilde combines her strong organisational abilities with her communication and SEO content background, helping clients to create engaging and high performing digital content.

Luana Faria

Digital Media Specialist

Luana has 5+ years experience in digital design, web development and building advertising campaigns. She combines her technical knowledge with her design skills to create engaging and converting posts, ads and websites.

Barry Ethiraj

Digital Marketer

Barry graduated in Bachelors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He has over 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing, specialising in content, search engine and social media marketing strategies. Barry uses a combination data and customer oriented approach to create engaging and result-oriented campaigns.

Priyam Lalwani

Digital Marketer

Priyam has over 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEM, Retargeting, and programmatic display. He combines his technical knowledge along with strong interpersonal and communication skills to create engaging content. He aspires to become the top of 1% digital marketers in the country.

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