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Google recently introduced a new ad format for display: Responsive Text Ads. These new ads allow you to put in your own creative and more flexibility when it comes to the text?

The new ads build on the existing text ads that you can publish via Google on various websites (Google Display Network), plus they add imagery. The responsive text ads can appear next to an article on a website like They are not related to the standard Google search ads.

This is Good News

The ads are designed to adapt to their surroundings and create the correct fit within Googles Display Network.

  • Greater creative input;
  • Imagery, headlines & descriptions;
  • Opportunity to increase conversions;
  • Tests on similar products showed an increase in conversions at a lower CPA Awareness;
  • Native ads are viewed over 50% more than banner ads.

Below is an example of how an old text ad looks in the new responsive text ad layout.

Live date

Responsive text ads have been rolled out during September.

We have built these ads to make sure that all the account get the full advantage of these latest improvements which assist click-through rates and improve performance.

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