Need a competent, energetic & engaged digital agency in your corner?

Your agency partnership is critical to your business’s success. Think of your digital agency as an extension of your own company.

As with all partnerships, it’s vital both parties ‘click’. To kick goals together, it’s essential objectives & expectations are crystal clear.

Deliverables should be submitted on time to an exacting standard, reporting must be frequent and transparent, and the metrics that matter should be trending in the right direction.

When It’s Time To Move On

The effort to get out of a suboptimal marketing partnership can be a deterrent, but in the long run, it’s absolutely worth it.

The signs that your current agency might not be the best fit are generally pretty clear. Has open communication begun to falter, check-ins become irregular or misunderstandings more frequent?

If your point of contact keeps chopping and changing, communication seems circular or unproductive, if deliverables are submitted late or standard of work is slipping, it’s only natural to begin questioning the partnership’s validity.


Account Access

Retaining access to your digital assets & accounts

Ensuring a smooth transition

Open, up-front communication

Retaining access to your digital assets and accounts is one of the most important considerations when changing agencies. 

If an agency has created digital accounts for your business, then it’s possible they can try to retain ownership of some of these. Some agencies will do this as a strategy to try to retain clients’ business (not a good sign).

Be sure to read your contract carefully to be sure who owns the rights to which accounts. You should be able to negotiate for access to any accounts you don’t own, or otherwise you may consider starting some new accounts from scratch with your new agency.

WEBSITE: Your company’s website is your most important digital asset and it’s vital to ensure you retain access and ownership.

GOOGLE ADS & ANALYTICS: You likely have a Google Ads account in order to run PPC advertising. Google Analytics is the most popular tool for monitoring your digital strategy. If your departing agency created either account, you may need to negotiate with them for login details and ownership.

SOCIAL ACCOUNTS: Your company’s social media accounts are important assets. Be sure to retain ownership and access to them, as your next digital agency will have more scope to get off to a great start with access to your preexisting accounts.

*Tip: Consider creating new passwords to all of your digital accounts when switching agencies in order to ensure account access is limited to current contacts only.


Transitioning To A New Digital Agency

When making the switch to a new agency, start by making a list of all assets, accounts and deliverables your outgoing agency has access to. Plan this stage out well and be sure to tie up loose ends as neatly as possible. 

Be sure to compile as complete a list as possible of all tools, platforms and applications that are used to track and manage your campaigns, so that you can discuss which of these to use going forward with your new agency.

Clarify your goals, expectations and all you hope to achieve through a new partnership in order to lay the groundwork for a great relationship with your new agency. 

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