Digital Marketing Services: In-house Or Agency?

Jul 18, 2019

This week we’ve been discussing what the future holds for digital marketing agencies and evaluating the pro’s and con’s of a brand going in-house vs agency.


It’s a question all brands ask - is my agency giving me full transparency?

When digital marketing first became a ‘thing’ companies were excited to invest in it. For digital marketers, the period was a boon, the money was flowing in and clients weren’t asking a lot of questions.

Now, digital analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Salesforce, make it easy for brands and marketing agencies to assess the performance of their digital strategies.

So, instead of just throwing money at digital marketing, today, brands are able to use data from these analytic suites to create bespoke campaigns targeted at a unique audience.

Internal Capacity

One key element to consider when looking to go agency or in-house is the internal capacity of your brand.

Can your brand afford a team to implement its digital marketing strategy?

Today, digital marketing is becoming increasingly specialised, so hiring one person to look after PPC, SEO, email marketing, and everything else digital is fraught with problems.

If hiring an internal resource, brands should ensure that resource spends time doing what they are best at: whether it is PPC, SEO, or email marketing.

For other projects, brands should consider engaging an agency. Remember, there is no need to see your option as one or the other, rather consider how a digital marketing agency can enhance and improve your in-house strategy.

Fresh eyes and a specialist’s perspective is always valuable.

Digital Marketing In-House Risks

Finding and keeping good talent can be one the biggest challenges a brand can face. For many brands, rapid changes in the marketplace mean they need an ever-evolving employee.

For those willing to make a large investment in the development of their staff, an in-house digital marketing strategy could make sense. But it comes with risks, the cost of training employees is high, not to mention they could leave.

To minimise risk, brands should consider employing contractors, or engaging an agency to do at least some of their digital marketing.

What A Digital Marketing Agency Offers

Digital agencies offer a slew of specialists on the forefront of new trends. And a productive agency will build an internal culture where people learn from other accounts and their peers.

For brands with above-the-line digital marketing budgets, agencies also have the advantage of pre-existing relationships with different advertising platforms and media networks.

Communicating With Your Agency

A critical part to any business is communication. If you’re thinking about taking the agency route, ensure you consider how you need the relationship to work.

Whether you require a quick turnaround time on launching campaigns, or weekly calls between your agency and internal team, make sure these communication requirements are set prior to working with an agency.

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