Get A Head Start On 2022

Dec 17, 2021

Six steps to hit the ground running this January, get a head start on 2022, and ensure this is the year you achieve your digital marketing goals.

1: Clean House

The last week or two of December can be a funny time in the marketing world. A lot of clients are winding down for the year, and getting people to answer the phone or reply to emails gets less and less likely the deeper into the month we get.

On the other hand, summertime and the Christmas - New Year holiday period in particular can be the peak sales period for some of our clients, so there’s certainly some conflicting energy, depending on who you’re talking to.

Whether your company is winding down or gearing up, the final weeks of December are an equally important time to ‘clean house’ and ensure that your messaging is on-point the moment January 1st rolls around.

Now’s the time to go through all of your ad copy, website and social media campaigns and scheduled posts to remove any references to 2021 and prepare updates that refer to the new year.

Even if your copy doesn’t contain direct references to the past year, it’s a good practice to refresh your customer-facing messaging, ready for a fresh start in 2022.

2: Personalised New Year Email

The beginning of a new year is a good time to reach out to past customers or clients on your mailing list. Reach out with a personalised message to thank them for their past custom, to wish a happy new year and to let them know of any updates or changes to your business, new products being launched or any promotions you’re running.

Message timing is important. Lots of companies schedule promotional eDMs to send on New Year’s Day, so it’s a good idea to send yours a few days early to help avoid it getting lost in a flood of messages.

If you’re ready this post January 1st, it’s not too late! A few days into January can actually be a great time to reach out with a better chance of your email being seen. Add a tempting discount code or offer and be sure to mention it in your email’s subject line to boost your open and click rate.

3: New Products Or Offer Promotion

Get a head start on 2022 with an announcement of any new products, or otherwise a special offer to boost interest and keep customers engaged with your brand. A lot of customers will be enjoying a break from work over this period and tend to remain in a post-Christmas free spending mode more so than at other times of the year.

Offer discounts to loyal customers, cater to online shoppers with free shipping or create bundle deals to encourage stronger sales.

4: Review Last Year's Strategy

The best marketing strategy is one that’s honed, updated and perfected based on past performance. Spend some time carefully reviewing your digital marketing efforts through 2021, analyse what was successful and what wasn’t.

Rather than starting from scratch, get a head start on 2022 by utilising your most successful offerings from the past year. Successful campaign ideas can be tweaked and reinvented, saving you time, money and offering a surer path to success.

In order to bring about return business, it’s important to stay top of mind. Sending out a seasonal thank you message can be a great way to bring your brand back into focus for these potential return customers and motivate them to continue doing business with you.

5: Make A Checklist And Use It

Compile a clear list of website and ad campaign updates that need to be made. Ensure that campaigns are set to run for the correct periods of time with the correct spend.

Add social media posts and content marketing ideas to your list and ensure that all tasks are delegated appropriately and clearly. Consider utilising an application like Asana to help your team organise, track and manage workloads.

Consider making your checklist in a Google Document that can be shared with your team, checked thoroughly and updated regularly.

6: Get Proactive

Resist the urge to settle into the late December - early January malaise! There’s no sense spending weeks and weeks putting your new year’s plan into action. If this is a slower time of year in your office, all the better to dedicate more time and energy to getting the year off to a strong start.

Once you’ve identified marketing goals for the year, it’s time to determine budgets, begin implementing campaigns and, if necessary, modify goals and strategy dependent on ongoing performance.

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