Google’s Content Algorithm Update

Aug 14, 2018

Last month, Google undertook an audit of the quality factors examined during a search engine crawl. The biggest change we see from the audit is around content creators themselves now being factored into the search engine quality factors.

During July, Google contracted over 10,000 search quality raters worldwide to evaluate search engine results; their primary focus was around content and the content creators. With a lot of recent media coverage on fake news, conspiracies and clickbait content, Google’s focus here is to ensure they are rewarding websites that are producing SEO content from reputable content creators.

Another big focus in Google’s search quality review was around the beneficial purpose of the content itself. With content playing such a large factor in a website’s search engine results, Google needs to ensure content creators are producing informative content that is both honest and reliable - not for the goal of producing revenue.

What Can Happen To Content With Poor Context?

Google has advised that these factors will come into play within it’s search engine algorithm. Although poor content context may not get banned, over time it will become at threat of losing it's search engine rankings.

How To Avoid Losing Search Engine Rankings In The Latest Google Algorithm Update?

We’ve put together a list of recommendations content creators can tick off to ensure you won't be hit with the latest Google algorithm update.
  1. Bulk up your bio page.
  2. Broaden your network and ensure you have reputable information and reviews about your work, whether it be on 3rd party websites, forums and industry groups.
  3. Be cautious of the number of internal links and affiliate ads you have on a content page.
  4. Use independent and credited sources.
  5. Provide clear and satisfying customer information. For example, if you are writing a review on a product, ensure to include product specifications.
  6. Ensure the topic is the prominent content on the page; don’t overload fluff text, imagery and ads.
  7. Ensure all content is unique.
2018 has been another big year for Google algorithm updates, with content and mobile SEO seeing the biggest changes. Be sure your website reflects the latest SEO stratagies - reach out to us if you would you like a content or SEO review.

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