How To Increase Your Conversion Rate?

Apr 3, 2018

You probably put a lot of time and effort into driving traffic to your website. But once they land on your website, what action do you want them to undertake? Do you want them to purchase something, leave their details, sign up for your newsletter? Is that clear enough on your website? How do you increase your conversion rate?

In Google Analytics, we can track all this, and see and measure how well your website is performing and if visitors are actually converting. Nowadays, consumers are often hard to reach online. And, you have to hurry to get your message across due to a very limited attention span.

So, how do you make visitors convert on your website?

Unfortunately, there is not one answer. Every website and every business has different (online) goals. But, generally speaking, there are a couple of tips that work for most of us;

1. One clear message. Your visitor should know in a split second why they?re at the right address with you. An Example; Mailchimp -> On their homepage you find one clear message: ‘Send better email. Sell more stuff’.

2. A/B Testing. Sometimes it helps to add a graphic to your Call-to-Action to make your visitor convert. Or test a more effective headline to make people download your e-Book.

3. Simplicity. Eliminate any questions your prospect may have leading up to the download, purchase or form. So for examples, let them know it is free, the delivery time is 10 days or what the newsletter generally contains (discounts, good reads).

4. Short and Sweet. Filling out a form should only take your prospect less than a minute, if possible. Or at least, let the length and time it takes to fill out, be in line with the result they get. Only ask for the details you really need.

5. Testimonials. Especially relevant for smaller companies without a track record of satisfied customers. A testimonial can give just that little bit of confidence one may need.

6. Mobile Site. Mobile is rising and more and more people convert from their mobile. Make sure you have a good, easy-to-navigate site.

7. Buttons. Make sure there is no doubt what happens after someone clicks the button and make it appealing to click. Examples? Have the Button ‘DO IT’ after e.g. ‘Sign up to receive 20% off’ or, ‘Download for Free’ or ‘Create my Free Account’ or, after filling out a (short) form ‘Send me the Report’. Buttons such as ‘Learn More’ or ‘Read More’ are just not that exciting.

8. Red. Research shows some colours work, some don’t. Make them red, green, orange or yellow. Get rid of black, white and brown.

Where to start?

As said earlier, start with Google Analytics and track how your website is performing. This can give you direction. Check if people stay on your homepage, or do they undertake the required action? What is the most popular action they undertake? If you use landing pages, analyse performance and test a couple of versions.

Have fun optimising, but never forget, user experience comes first!

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