Why Is Everyone Talking About Quality Score?

Aug 28, 2020

It’s all about the money! Because, the higher the score, the lower the price you pay per lead. And vice versa… Not paying enough attention to your Quality Score will cost you. The more you focus on the quality score, the more leads you tend to get at a significantly lesser cost.

Let me explain:

When you add a new keyword, Google assigns a Quality Score of 6. However, the score quickly changes (for better or worse) based on the expected CTR (click-through rate), ad relevance, and the landing page experience. As a marketer, your aim is to continually improve all these factors to attain the perfect Quality Score for a particular keyword by improving the ads and landing page experience.

The image shows the impact a better QS can have!

For instance, if Michael Scott paid $10 per click for a Quality Score of 5, he would consequently end up spending around $50 for the same click with a Quality Score of 1. On the plus side, he can drastically reduce his cost to $5 a click with a Quality Score of 10.
So, remember these three:
  1. Expected CTR Quality: Essentially, this metric is used to measure how likely someone is to click your ad. It is closely related to your brand's relevance to the search term.
  2. Ad relevance: Ad relevance means how relevant the ad text is to the landing page and the keywords/search terms.
  3. Landing page experience: This factor is determined by how well-optimised the landing page is for the user while also considering the search term.
What are the top three things to do to increase my Quality Score? 
  • Make your landing page top-notch!
  • Make the Ad copy relevant to the keyword
  • Make the Ad text pertinent to the landing page

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