Revenue attributed to PPC and Display traffic is up 185% from Jan 2016 to Aug 2016.


The quality of the leads has been maintained and improved in some verticals, so not only improving Mozo’s bottom line, but also it’s partners.


ROI has been maintained on paid search during this dramatic increase in revenue.


Mozo is a comparison site for banking, insurance and energy providers. They are all about saving money and help more than 300,000 Australians find better deals every month.

The Challenge

Mozo came to ClickedOn with the challenge to significantly grow the number of customers who found their site from paid marketing (PPC and Display), while maintaining the quality of the customer leads and cost per lead (CPL) metrics.


Pay Per Click

Programmatic Display


The team at ClickedOn have worked very closely with our internal digital team and together they have delivered some fantastic and profitable growth for our business through paid search and display marketing. I would definitely recommend ClickedOn to any business looking for PPC or Programmatic Display marketing.

Kirsty LamontMarketing Director